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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/19/18

Jane Leavy honored by Yanks; Manny Machado, the perfect villain; Brian Cashman lays out the Yankee offseason plans

League Championship Series - Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Four Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

New Yorker | Zach Helfand: In the least clickbait-y tone possible, this is a great piece and you should read it. Jane Leavy was one of the first female sportswriters and a pioneer in every sense of the word. Not only was there general resistance to her presence in clubhouses, she was actively harassed and mistreated in a horrifying manner. The fact that she never wavered is nothing short of inspirational.

NY Daily News | Wallace Matthews: One of the weirdest parts about the last two Yankee seasons was how likable they were. With few exceptions, the Yankees don’t have any bad guys on the team. Who could possibly hate Aaron Judge? The Yankees could do well to get a villain on the team and that villain is named Manny Machado. After all, this news roundup is called “Around the Empire,” and all empires have villains. | Randy Miller: Brian Cashman gave a couple of radio interviews on Wednesday, and there’s a lot to unpack from them. Here’s what stuck out to me: Gary Sanchez won’t be traded (duh), Jacoby Ellsbury hasn’t played his last game as a Yankee (we’ll see), no position changed planned for Andujar (yikes), and it looks like the battle for first base next year is between Greg Bird and Luke Voit.