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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/9/18

Yankees offense could make history and Boone is excited; Astros interested in Gerrit Cole; CC Sabathia could earn bonuses depending on innings pitched; Home Run Derby, the beloved Trenton Thunder bat dog, passed away yesterday. R.I.P. Derby

Eric Lipsman walking Derby and Rookie before a Trenton Thunder game. R.I.P. Derby
Greg Kirkland | Bryan Hoch: Giancarlo Stanton is a New York Yankee. Yep, still feels great to type. Aaron Judge is also a New York Yankee. Yay! Aaron Boone is the Yankees’ manager. He was so excited when he realized he had Stanton and Judge on the same team that he already began creating fanpost dream batting orders. It’s a lineup that has the potential to make history. Boone is excited. I’m excited. If you’re not excited, I don’t know what to tell you. More after the click.

New York Daily News | Amara Grautski: Hey HEY! It has been a week since we’ve had some Gerrit Cole rumors. This time, they are not about the Yankees trading for Cole. Apparently the Houston Astros are rumored to be interested in his services. The Astros are looking for another starter and might have what the Pirates want, being that they’re not getting Gleyber Torres from the Yankees. More on this story as it develops in two months.

Newsday | Mike Rose: One good thing about the Gerrit Cole situation is that the Yankees’ pitching staff is pretty well intact. CC Sabathia agreed to a 1-year, $10 million dollar contract. That contract also comes with bonuses depending on how many innings Sabathia pitches. He could earn an extra $2 million dollars. To do that, he’d have to pitch 185 innings. CC hasn’t pitched that many innings since 2013. Good luck though. Praise be.

Cut4 | Matt Monagan: Sigh. It was a very sad day yesterday as famed 2nd generation Trenton Thunder bat dog Home Run Derby passed away. Derby, only 20 days away from his 10th birthday, was battling cancer. Matt Kardos, who has been covering the Thunder for 7 years, beautifully reminisces about his time spend with Derby as well. You should definitely give it a read.

R.I.P. Derby. I’m sure there are plenty of bats for you to fetch in heaven.

You should watch this, if you haven’t.