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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/7/18

Giancarlo Stanton is working out and so should you; David Robertson could help the Yankees stay under luxury-tax threshold; Derek Jeter does Derek Jeter things

MLB: Winter Meetings
Shirts? Overrated, in my opinion!
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Cut4 | Jessica Kleinschmidt: In case you might be worried that Giancarlo Stanton is taking this offseason to stuff his face with food and ice cream, AKA the Greg Kirkland method, let this link alleviate your concerns. Here he is, working out in all his shirtless glory. Stanton jokes that he’s trying out for the upcoming Winter Olympics. If he is, good luck in the luge.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: As we’ve mentioned time and time and time again, the Yankees are doing everything in their power to remain under the luxury-tax threshold. As of right now, they are below. As of later, who knows. Brian Cashman has mentioned that he’s not done yet. If he were to acquire another player, he might have to try and trade someone. We hope it’s Jacoby Ellsbury, however Sherman mentions a name that only serves to infuriate fellow Pinstripe Alley link dumper Kunj Shah. I speak, of course, of David Robertson. To potentially avoid Shah’s great vengeance and furious anger, Sherman also mentions that he’s heard nothing that suggests the Yankees would trade him away. Whew.

New York Daily News | Peter Botte: Perhaps there will come a day when I’m not so desperate for links that I don’t have to mention Derek Jeter. But it is not this day. This day, we Jeets! Anyway, the former Yankee legend and current Marlins’ owner is still looking for investors to buy into his plan to revitalize the Marlins. If he can inject new life and new profits into his new team, he’ll get more money for himself. We’ll see if Corporate Heel Jeets can make Project: Wolverine a success.