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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/4/18

Bryan Hoch answers some Yankee related questions; a look back at Luis Sojo’s career; why the Yankees might not trade for a pitcher; a look back at Johnny Damon’s career

MLB: New York Yankees Press Conference
Here is my Kraken. You are doomed, so says Boone! TODAY NETWORK | Bryan Hoch: In our continuing coverage of the most boring offseason in the history of infinity, it’s time to answer some questions. Well, I’m not answering your questions. After all, this is but a humble morning link dump. Bryan Hoch is answering some questions though. One question in particular is how Aaron Boone and Gary Sanchez will work together. It’s a point that has been brought up ever since Boone was brought on Booard.

Cut4 | Matt Monagan: It was recently Luis Sojo’s birthday. You may remember Sojo as the greatest back-up player in the history of baseball. That is how I choose to remember and damn the stats and facts that tell me different. This wonderful article contains a brief history of Sojo’s career, especially his pinstriped heroics. He had the courage to ask David Cone why he did not have a dance. Sojo is still coaching in the Yankees’ minor league system. Definitely give this a read.

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: In non-Sojo news, the most boring of news, why haven’t the Yankees signed any pitchers yet? Sure, they did re-sign CC Sabathia to a one-year deal. Everyone still expects the Yankees to make a splash trade for another starter like Gerrit Cole, Patrick Corbin, or Clayton Kershaw. You cannot convince me the latter isn’t true, so don’t even try! Anyway, Ken Davidoff offers some insight as to why the Yankees might not make that trade. | Joe Posnanski: Finally, a look at former Yankee legend Johnny Damon in regards to his Hall of Fame candidacy. While it doesn’t look like Damon will be in Cooperstown, it’s still a nice breakdown of his accomplishments. We’ll always have that double stolen base in the 2009 World Series.