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Who would the Pinstripe Alley community elect to the Hall of Fame?

You selected four candidates to reach baseball immortality.

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees Photo by Rob Tringali/Sportschrome/Getty Images

Last week, I asked the Pinstripe Alley community to cast their ballots for our virtual Hall of Fame. Our staff conducted the same thought experiment a month earlier, inducting eight members. You opted for a smaller class, as only four candidates crossed the 75% threshold.

The results proved rather interesting, as evidenced below:

Not surprisingly, Chipper Jones led the voting. The Braves third baseman figures to be a shoo-in to Cooperstown, and his 93% mark in our poll might be in the range of the actual Hall of Fame number. According to Ryan Thibodaux’s ballot tracker, Jones has appeared on 98.5% of the public submissions. This could be the closest resemblance between the PSA voting and the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

Since this is a Yankees blog, it makes sense that Mike Mussina gets enshrined. The right-hander appeared on 84% of your ballots. While he probably won’t make it to Cooperstown this year — he’s tracking at 71.4% before the private ballots come in — Mussina is trending upward. It seems like a matter of when, not if for Moose.

Vladimir Guerrero and Jim Thome round out this year’s virtual Hall of Fame class, each receiving 80% of the votes. Guerrero stood out as one of the game’s best all-around players, combining an elite bat with a ridiculous throwing arm. Thome, on the other hand, slugged 612 home runs while maintaining a career 145 wRC+. Both are worthy candidates for the Hall of Fame.

Perhaps more interesting than the inductees are those who just missed the mark. Former Yankees ace Roger Clemens reached 67%, suggesting his connection to performance enhancing drugs hasn’t entirely diminished his stock. Right now he’s tracking at 64% with the BBWAA, but expect that to drop when the private ballots come in. Other PED-linked candidate Barry Bonds is just a step behind, at 63%. The difference between the two likely comes down to Clemens’ history in pinstripes.

Speaking of Yankees, a handful of other Bombers picked up votes. Andruw Jones spent two seasons as a bench bat in New York, and he found himself on 21% of your ballots. Hideki Matsui was right behind him at 17%, although Godzilla has been blanked by the BBWAA to date. Johnny Damon managed to scrape 7% of the votes, and I have a feeling his double-steal had something to do with that. Last, but not least, Kerry Wood drew 4%. He was a trade deadline acquisition on the 2010 squad!

Elsewhere on the ballot, Edgar Martinez just missed induction, appearing on 67% of the ballots. His candidacy will be a fascinating one to follow. Trevor Hoffman, who was five votes shy of induction last year, didn’t pick up your support. He managed just 56% of the total. Oh, and somehow Jamie Moyer found himself on a few ballots. Go figure.

The BBWAA will announce the 2018 Hall of Fame voting results on Wednesday at 6 PM. How do you feel about our community’s decision? Do you think we were close? Let us know in the comment section.