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That time Yankee Stadium was blown up in a comic book

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Journey back in time to the future of Yankee Stadium

It’s amazing how fiction can take real life people, places, and events, alter them, and make you think differently about them. It essentially forces you to ask yourself ‘what if?’ In comic books, that kind of thing happens all the time. I’ve told you about the times Green Lantern visited Yankee Stadium and when Nightwing went on a date in the Bronx. Now it’s time to wonder ‘what if’ about the time Yankee Stadium was blown up by a meteor!

In order to properly set the scene for you, we have to go back to the 1950s. The Buster Brown Show Company decided to enter the comic book publishing game by introducing the quarterly Buster Brown Comic Book. In 1952, the giveaway anthology series introduced a science fiction story called “Interplanetary Police,” which borrowed heavily from Buck Rogers and Space Patrol.

The “Meteor Menace” story was started by Hobart Donovan and Ray Bailey, but later taken up by Reed Crandall and Ray Willner. It told the adventures of Captain Bruce Warren and his younger brother Teddy. These two were futuristic space cop guys, who went up against the alien menace known as Tanya the Space Siren.

Tanya finds a way to harness the power of meteors out in space and uses them to destroy important landmarks across America. Apparently the creative team hated sports, because they chose the Rose Bowl and Wrigley Field as the first victims of Tanya’s attempt at world domination.

Her big followup was to send a meteor down to New York City so that it could blow up Yankee Stadium. Instead of trying to stop this strike, since they know it’s coming this time, Captain Warren and his brother set up an impenetrable dome just outside the stadium so they can instead take very important scientific readings of the event. Yankee Stadium, which is hopefully empty by this point, is then issued a direct hit and utterly destroyed by the meteor. All that’s left is a big crater and our heroes’ stupid dome.

Yankee Stadium

Tanya attempts to get the President of the United States to resign, so she can rule, but Bruce and Terry take their spaceship into orbit to stop her once and for all. They manage to blow up her next meteor, and then for reasons unknown, she gives up and leaves. The day is saved?

Of course, while this comic was seeing publication, the Yankees were busy winning championships. They had won half the World Series over the last decade and were in the midst of taking five in a row between 1949-1953. I guess the writers thought it would be a great way to rile up the kids of New York City if their beloved team was blown sky high.

The 1952 roster included three Hall of Famers in Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Phil Rizzuto. It also included the likes of Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, Hank Bauer, and Gil McDougald. A 32-year-old Ralph Houk also served as the team’s backup catcher prior to his career as the team’s manager. A 27-year-old Jerry Coleman and 24-year-old Billy Martin were also on the roster at this time. Can you imagine these guys getting their stadium blown up and having nowhere to play?

Considering the comic took place in the future, this wasn’t even the original Yankee Stadium. In 1952, the Yankees still played in the House that Ruth Built, but this might have been the House that George Remodeled—or dare I say, the current place? As much as we all have our grievances with the new Yankee Stadium, it’s still a good thing we don’t live in that universe. It’s fun to wonder ‘what if’ sometimes—what if a meteor blew up Yankee Stadium—but let’s watch baseball instead.