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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/7/17

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Perhaps score some runs for Sonny Gray; Adam Warren placed on the DL with back spasms; Michael Kay angry at Red Sox for accusing YES of cheating; Chapman might be back to being the closer; Aaron Judge focused on helping Yankees get to and win in the postseason; Jeter removes pinstripes from Turn 2 Foundation logo

Sonny Gray pitches for the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox.
Which Gray is the real Gray?
Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Yesterday was not a Sonny day in Baltimore, as the Yankees/Orioles game was postponed. Hopefully today does not as many Gray skies. It would behoove the Yankees to win this game. To do so, they might actually have to do the unthinkable and provide Sonny Gray with some run support. If they can do that, and Sonny Gray can prevent the O’s from scoring a lot of runs, the Yankees should have a good chance of winning.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Did you know that Adam Warren was injured? I’ll be honest, I did not. He is though. With back spasms. Sigh Havoc. According to Joe Girardi, who is privy to this information, Warren will probably be out about two weeks. If the Yankees make the playoffs, he will hopefully be healthy for them. Oh, and good.

New York Daily News | Zachary Ripple: Michael Kay was... hang on a sec (looks at Zachary Ripple’s name and wonders if it’s really Michael Kay in disguise) eh, probably not. Anyway, Michael Kay was angry yesterday at the cheating Red Sox for accusing the Yankees of using the YES Network to cheat. Kay took to the airwaves to defend the honor of YES and he then challenged NESN to a duel. | Bryan Hoch: Aroldis Chapman has been pitching better as of late. After Dellin Betances recent blown save against the Orioles, Girardi seems ready to place Chapman back into the closer’s role. Chapman stated that he’ll pitch in whatever role he’s asked to, citing that both David Robertson and Dellin Betances are very good pitchers and that he’s simply focused on winning. Winning is good.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Aaron Judge had a good first half. Aaron Judge has not had as good of a second half. It’d be very hard to, in all honestly. Judge isn’t focusing on his second half number all that much. Right now, the honorable one is focused on helping his team make the postseason and succeed in the postseason. That’d be nice, I think.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Former Yankee legend and Player’s Tribune founder Derek Jeter did something, so it is in the link dump. What did he do that warranted this, besides being Jeets? Apparently he removed the pinstripes from the Turn 2 Foundation logo. That’s...surprisingly it. Something something my way. Yeah, I’ve got nothing.