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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/4/17

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Hicks to the DL; Tigers suspensions give us a clue; two Matt Holliday stories

MLB: Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports | Randy Miller: Just as the Yankees got Aaron Hicks back from the disabled list, he now returns to it with yet another oblique injury. He’ll likely miss the rest of the year as even mild strains take a few weeks to fully recover. The interesting thing is that this clears the way for Jacoby Ellsbury to play a big role; any deep playoff push necessitates that he hit at a decent clip. There could also be a battle of playing time between him and another outfielder coming back from injury, Clint Frazier.

New York Post | Dan Martin: The Tigers settled their suspension settlement cases, and they were taken down a notch. Miguel Cabrera and Alex Wilson each had one game shaved off of their suspensions, and Brad Ausmus got a one-game suspension. This means the Yankees will likely have the same happen to them, which could help them as Gary Sanchez and Austin Romine’s suspensions will likely be staggered.

Hartford Courant | Jeff Jacobs: This is a nice little tidbit from Matt Holliday. He talks a bit about the Yankees’ chances in the division and the playoff race, and comments on Saturday’s win against the Red Sox. It’s really nice to see him hitting home runs after he had such a rough go of it in the middle of the year.

New York Daily News | Peter Botte: This is yet another interesting Holliday piece. Holliday and Red Sox manager John Farrell have a history, actually: Farrell used to babysit him back in the 1980s. Holliday’s father Tom was also the pitching coach at Oklahoma State when Farrell was a pitcher there. Now they’re on opposing sides as player and manager, and Holliday delivered a key three-run homer two days ago.