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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/28/17

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Yankees holding fake interviews in dugout after dingers; Severino finishes off incredible regular season with another win; Girardi encouraged by Betances’ latest outings; Judge vs. Altuve for the AL MVP; Big Mac a fan of Judge; Jeter group officially owns the Marlins

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees
I’m a bit upset that I did not come up with “The Toe-night Show” first. Curse you, Yankees twitter!
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Around the Empire

Cut4 | Chris Landers: For our top story this morning, Pinstripe Alley will be going live to Sir Didi Gregorius of the Toe-night Show in the Yankees’ dugout. Sir Didi has detailed coverage of recent dingering, along with interviews of several Yankees including Greg Bird, Aaron Hicks, and his BFF Starlin Castro. It is unclear what new stories he’s uncovered. Early sources indicate that these Yankees are fun and we love them. More on this story later. Back to you, Bryan. | Bryan Hoch: Luis Severino pitched his last game of the regular season last night. It went well. Last night’s game against the Rays, the entire season. It went very well. Extremely well. If Chris Sale and Corey Kluber did not pitch in the same league as Severino, he’d be the Cy Young winner. The fact that he’s still in the conversation after his 2016 season is incredible. Barring a Red Sox collapse, Severino will start against the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday. There’s no one the Yankees would rather have start that one-game elimination Wild Card death match. | Bryan Hoch: With the Yankees’ vaunted offense vaunting all over the Rays pitching last night, Joe Girardi had another opportunity to get Dellin Betances all right and ready as rain for the playoffs. Girardi and friends have been encouraged by what they’ve seen from Dellin over the past couple of outings. As we all know, when Dellin is on he is damn near unstoppable. He should get another outing or two of work to get ready for the battle ahead.

SBNation | Grant Brisbee: It’s a neck and somewhere between the chest and tummy battle between Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge for the AL MVP award this year. Both are legitimate MVP candidates and both have arrived at this point in totally different and fantastic ways. Brisbee looks at both and compares the two. I’ll just leave you with the best entry and move along to the next link. Read the whole thing though.

When Altuve succeeds, the pitcher is often optimistic that he can still wriggle out of the jam, that it’s fine, just fine. When Judge succeeds, the pitcher is acutely aware of his complete and total failure. He was trying to prevent the thunderous beef-man from hitting the baseball far, and his failures brought shame to his teammates and family.

New York Daily News | Ari Gilberg: Speaking of the thunderous beef-man, the Big Mac himself is a fan. Mark McGwire talked about Judge surpassing his previously established rookie home run record on MLBN Network Radio. McGwire is amazed at how powerful Judge’s home runs are, stating that he’s probably going to hit at least 40 dingers a year. Who doesn’t want to see dingers?

Newsday | AP: It’s done. It’s official. In his continuing quest to achieve every single goal he’s set for himself, former Yankee SS and Player’s Tribune founder Derek Jeter is now the owner of the Miami Marlins. The Marlins will now be doing things his way. All eyes will be on Giancarlo Stanton this offseason as Jeter’s group, or the Jeet Fleet as I like to call them, could look to move him to a team willing to take his expensive contract off their hands. Y-yeah Jeets?

Didi Victory Tweet