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Celebrate the new rookie home run record holder with this Aaron Judge shirt from BreakingT

Our big baseball boy did the thing!

Aaron Judge has sent home runs over the fence 50 times so far this season, setting a new home run record for rookies. To celebrate our largest adult son’s latest accomplishment, BreakingT has a shirt to commemorate the passing of Mark McGwire.

As is always the case with BreakingT, the quality is outstanding and they are printed right here in the USA. If you want to grab a shirt as Judge continues his assault on baseballs in the postseason, you can do so by clicking here.

Judge’s season is one of the most impressive years by a rookie maybe ever. Grab a shirt to commemorate all of the dingers before they inevitably have to make a new single season record t-shirt for Judge. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Here is the link where you can get one:

Here is where you can get our other most recent addition, the thumbs down shirt: