Postseason improvements

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

My improvements are geared towards giving the advantage back to the team that did the best in the regular season. This has been slowly stripped away, which is increasing the amount of wild card winners/ teams who got hot at the end and decreasing the value of the regular season. The Yankees have been victimized and benefited by this in the past 20 years.

1. For the 7 game sets, no days off, unless there is a travel day: This is how the regular season was played and it allows teams with inferior depth(particularly starting pitching) to compete with the better all-around team. (This hurt the Yankees in 2001 WS and it helped them in 2009, where they ran a 3 man rotation throughout the playoffs). Sorry Media folks, you have to figure this out. Even when there is no travel, there is often 1-2 days off in between games.

2. All series are 7 games. Shorter series means an increased likelihood the better team does not win.

3. All 7 game series are 2-2-1-2-1. 2-3-2 format lessens the home-field advantage. again, sorry media folk. The series still finishes in 11 days. The next series begins 2 days after game 7.

4. Wild card playin is kept as is. Make the winner burn a top 2 starter and possibly the bullpen. Keeping this 1 game makes it more critical you win your division and don't coast just because you have the top WC seed locked up weeks before the end of the season.

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