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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/26/17

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Aaron Judge becomes the first rookie to his 50 home runs in a season; Judge wins Player of the Week; a comparative look at Judge’s rookie season; Judge has a shot at the MVP; David Ortiz thinks Yankees have a good chance; the young girl injured by the foul ball is doing better

Kansas City Royals v New York Yankees
All Ris...oh wait, everyone is already standing. What a season.
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Aaron the Empire | Joe Trezza: There isn’t much more we can say about Aaron Judge and what he’s done this season. Oh who am I kidding. There’s a TON more we can say about him. Judge made history yesterday. Twice. The first was when he tied Mark McGwire’s rookie home run record at 49. The second was when he surpassed Big Mac’s record with his 50th dinger. Fifty. 5-0. In Judge’s rookie season, he has hit fifty home runs. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Alex Rodriguez are the only other Yankees to have 50+ home run seasons. With his 49th against the Royals, Judge has “dingerered” against every team in the AL. There are still six more regular season games to play. He might hit more home runs.

Fangraphs | Jeff Sullivan: So, how about that Aaron Judge? He’s pretty good, am I right ladies and gentlemen? It has been an Aaroncredible season for the rookie. Jeff Sullivan takes a look at how his season compares to other rookie seasons. Here’s a preview:

Judge inside-outed the pitch. And, you know what? According to Baseball Savant, balls hit with the same velocity and angle have gone for homers 97% of the time. Judge didn’t make close to his own perfect contact, but it didn’t matter. He hit a dinger the other way, at 107.3 miles per hour. For Judge, this year, that’s his 95th-fastest batted ball. It’s also faster than any ball hit this year by Adrian Gonzalez, Scooter Gennett, Ben Zobrist, Victor Martinez, Jonathan Lucroy, Brian McCann, Jed Lowrie, Didi Gregorius, Matt Wieters, or Alex Bregman. Look at Gregorius there. He’s one of Judge’s teammates, and he’s gone deep a career-high 25 times. His fastest batted ball has registered at 106.2. What would be a high for Gregorius is hardly even notable for Judge. Which, of course, is part of what makes Judge so amazing.

Seriously, that’s amazing. Please give this article a read. | Joe Trezza: Hey, let’s talk a bit more about Aaron Judge, our big baseball boy. Judge was announced as the AL Player of the Week for his previous week of work. That work included a 9-for-21 run with five home runs, nine RBI, a .481 OBP, and the hopes and cheers of children young and old. Thus far, September has been Judge’s best month of the season. I need you to think about how incredible that is, considering the season we have all just witnessed. He’s finishing with a bang.

New York Daily News | John Harper: Aaron Judge is the undisputed Rookie of the Year. While his MVP chances may and should be disputed, Judge is absolutely back in the running. Pinstripe Alley’s own Tyler Norton wrote about this yesterday. While his two month slump may hurt his chances, in addition to Jose Altuve and Jose Ramirez’s superb seasons, it is clearly evident that when Judge is hot the Yankees win. I like that formula and you should as well. Maybe the true MVP are the friends we made and the dingers we watched along the way.

New York Daily News | Christian Red: David Ortiz, who will be joining the Fox Postseason broadcast crew with Alex Rodriguez and friends, thinks that the “underdog” Yankees have a very good chance to take the AL Championship. Ortiz is looking forward to the experience. He’s also impressed with Aaron Judge, because who isn’t at this point in time?

ESPN | AP: According to Todd Frazier, the condition of the young girl injured by the foul ball has improved. She could leave the hospital very shortly. Frazier has stayed in contact with the girl’s father, texting and calling with him back and forth. This is great news. Now announce that you’re putting up some nets please, Yankees’ FO.

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