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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/24/17

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The Yankees are going to the 2017 postseason; Luis Severino okay after batting practice scare; few predicted that the Yankees would make the playoffs this year; CC Sabathia says he would not go to the White House if the Yankees won the World Series; still no statement from the Yankees’ FO on extended netting

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: The New York Yankees are going to the playoffs. The New York Yankees are in a rebuilding year and they are going to the playoffs. The New York Yankees still have a slim chance at the AL East division title. Whether they overtake Boston or not, they are going to the playoffs. In a rebuilding year. Those were Yankee prospects celebrating in that clubhouse. One of those prospects is the unquestionable Rookie of the Year. One of those prospects, the one who is pulling a Stone Cold Steve Austin in the header photo, hit a 3-run dinger to help this team make the playoffs. Another has hit more home runs than any catcher in Yankee history. This is a rebuilding year. These players will be here next year. This year is not over with yet. The New York Yankees are going to the playoffs. | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees, the rebuilding year team that is going to the playoffs, had a bit of a scare before yesterday’s game. During batting practice, Luis Severino was struck with a ball while playing catch. He fell to the turf in pain. Thankfully, he was able to shake it off and resumed playing catch. Please never ever ever do that again. Thanks.

Newsday | David Lennon: Here’s the thing about the Yankees making the playoffs that’s so great; no one really predicted them to do it. It’s one of many, many, MANY reasons why it’s so laughable that a writer from Boston called the Red Sox “underdogs” this year. Everyone thought the Sox would finish in first place. Few thought the Yankees would even contend. Again, it’s a rebuilding year. Here they are though, playoff bound.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Yesterday was an interesting day in the world of “not sticking to sports.” Between the President of the United States calling athletes who kneel during the anthem “SOBs” to uninviting Steph Curry & the Warriors to the White House, many athletes across the NBA & NFL were not happy. CC Sabathia of the playoff bound New York Yankees stated that if the Yankees did indeed win the World Series, he will not be going to the White House. CC is happy that a lot of athletes have each other’s back during these times. We’ll see what today will bring.

New York Daily News | John Harper: It’s been four days since the young girl was struck with a 105mph foul ball in the head. In that time, the Mariners, the Padres, the Rockies, and the Reds have announced that they will be putting up extended netting. The Yankees have not. Lonn Trost, Randy Levine, and the rest of the Yankees’ FO are silent on the matter. These are people that will drag their own home grown players through the mud, yet here they are not commenting on this. Sadly, no one should be surprised.

Didi Victory Tweet

Yeah, I think he’s earned that pass. Love this team.