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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/23/17

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Aaron Judge hits 46th dinger, only three away from tying the record; Todd Frazier falls for the old hidden ball trick; Jeter trying to woo Gary Denbo to the Marlins; fan gets past security and into the Yankees’ locker room; Posada discusses Puerto Rico, asks for help with hurricane relief efforts

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays
Hit a dinger? Well, if you insist!
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Aaron Judge hits dingers. Long, powerful dingers. Yesterday, in what was the only real highlight of the game, he hit another one of those aforementioned dingers. It was his 46th home run of the year. He is a rookie. McGwire hit 49 home runs as a rookie. Only three more home runs to go until he ties Big Mac. Four to break the record. Your honor, do it!

CBS New York: Before we discuss what happened to Todd Frazier, I just want to bring up the fact that yesterday he stated that he believes that the extended netting should go up this year, rather than waiting until 2018. He’s right. As for what happened to Todd Frazier...well, he fell for ol’ hidden ball trick. I guess I lied in the previous paragraph when I said Judge had the only real highlight of the game.

FanRag | Robert Murray: The season is still going, but Derek Jeter is not waiting until the offseason to show his 2overeignty over the Marlins. Rumor has it that Gary Denbo, the current Vice President of Player Development for the Yankees, might be joining his friend in Miami. The Yankees’ farm system has been the best it has been in a long time. It’s understandable that Jeets would want to bring him on board to do thing his way. | AP: After the game, we had a somewhat realistic version of this scene.

This version was less funny, as he tried to run off with some towels and a helmet used by the Yankees’ ball boys. Really though, as O’Neill puts in perfectly, “How the heck did you get in here anyway?”

Player’s Tribune | Jorge Posada: More and more information is coming out about the damage to the island of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. It’s bad, folks. It’s really bad. Former Yankee catcher Jorge Posada talked with his Dad about the damage. His family is safe, but his father and many others do not recognize the island anymore. Most houses are without a roof and the island, the entire island, will most likely be without power for a long time. Posada is urging others to help out with donation to help the island recovery from this tragedy. Click this link to donate if you can. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this.

Playoff Update

While the Red Sox extended their AL East lead to four games, both the Angels and the Rangers lost yesterday. The Yankees magic number to clinch a playoff spot is now down to one game. If the Yankees win today, they’re in.