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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/2/17

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Bernie Williams plays national anthem to raise awareness for IPF; Greg Bird could be the key to making the playoffs; Sabathia, Nunez, Jim Rice all offer their opinions on the bunting thing; Matt Holliday on his way up, predicts Judge will break out of slump at perfect time

Little Kids Rock Benefit 2016
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Little Kids Rock

Around the Empire

Cut4 | Adrian Garro: Former Yankee legend Bernie Williams was at Yankee Stadium for yesterday’s game. No, he was not playing CF for the Yankees again. The only thing Bernie was playing was his guitar for the National Anthem. The reason for his appearance was to help raise awareness for IPF, or idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Bernie’s father died of IPF in 2001. It is always a welcome sight to see Bernie back in the Bronx.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Our continuing coverage of the Greg Bird continues. Bird has been doing well since rejoining the Yankees. The hope is that he continue to do well and his hot bat will lead the Yankees to the postseason. Bird has missed playing and we’ve missed watching him play uninjured. Keep it up, please. We need you, Greg Bird. Now more than ever.

Newsday | Roger Rubin: In case you haven’t heard, CC Sabathia has taken issue with the Red Sox bunting against him. Eduardo Nunez doesn’t care, saying that if he’s healthy enough he’ll field that ball. CC calls it weak. Former Red Sox player calls CC fat. CC calls him bitter. I think that’s everything really. To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with bunting against CC. To be even fairerer, CC can drag the Red Sox for their weaksaucery all the live long day.

New York Daily News | Christian Red: Matt Holliday will be rejoining the Yankees this weekend. We can only hope that he’s finally over whatever wretched food he ate while in Oakland. Holliday also had some predictions regarding Aaron Judge and his slump, saying that he is going to break out of it at the perfect time. That would be swell.