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BreakingT adds Yankees thumbs down shirt to lineup

Get in on the thumbs down movement!

The Yankees’ newest trend of celebration came about because of a disgruntled Mets fan in Queens, but the team and fans have really taken hold of it as their own. Mr. Mets Fan may have been unhappy with Todd Frazier doing well against the Rays at Citi Field, but now it has become the symbol of all things great.

Our friends at BreakingT decided to get in on the action with a t-shirt.

You can sport the thumbs down as the Yankees make a push toward the playoffs (and hopefully the division championship) with a shirt that is always high quality and always printed in the USA. Thumbs down gets a thumbs up.

Want one of your own? Grab one through BreakingT by clicking here and getting in on the fun.