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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/19/17

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Luis Severino and other MLB players watch Friends to help them learn English; Gleyber Torres is now the #1 prospect in MLB; Joe Girardi not spilling his postseason rotation plans; Gardner wants to hit more dingers; Joe Mauer’s HoF case can be compared to Donnie Baseball’s

MLB: Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees
“How you doin?”
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Around the Empire

The New York Times | James Wagner: Okay, I’m going to level with everyone reading this. This link only contains a bit of info regarding Yankees’ pitcher Luis Severino. Said info deals with how he and other Latino baseball players watch the classic sitcom Friends in order to help them with the English language a bit more. It’s actually a really cool story. I won’t lie to you though. I only put it first because of the headline.

YES Network | A.J. Herrmann: The Mets called up their top prospect, Amed Rosario. Naturally, he got injured because Mets. With that call up, in addition to Yoan Moncada playing on the White Sox, there’s a new number one prospect in baseball. Yes, it is none other than Gleyber Torres. Gleyber the Good might have gotten called up if not for an injury which has sidelined him until December 13th of this year. Heal well, Gleyber. Many of us are excited to see you.

Newsday | Mark Herrmann: Joe Girardi has yet to spill the beans on what his potential postseason rotation will look like. It’s probably because they still have time to decide on such things, especially with the AL East still up for grabs. Winning the division would offer up a bit more flexibility than just knowing that Severino will start the Wild Card game. So if the O’s and Reds and Rays and Blue Jays could do us a solid, that’d be just peachy. | Bryan Hoch: Brett Gardner had a good game yesterday. However, he didn’t hit a dinger. Shame on you, Brett. The gritty gutty one hasn’t hit a home run since August 20th, when he hit his 20th of the year. Like the rest of us, Gardner is hoping that his next streak of dingers helps carry the Yankees into the playoffs and beyond.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: I’m not quite sure why we’re discussing Joe Mauer’s Hall of Fame chances now, but here we are. Interestingly enough, this article looks at Mauer’s chances through the lens of Don Mattingly’s career and what his Hall of Fame outlook was. If Mauer remains healthy, it could happen.

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