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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/15/17

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Sir Didi Gregorius is the best; Greg Bird hopes to have a good finish to a rough season; Jordan Montgomery gets a meaningful win; Sabathia start pushed back to avoid Roger Centre turf; Miguel Andujar is back after a very good Triple-A season

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
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Around the Empire

Newsday | Mark Herrmann: #StartSpreadingTheNews Sir Didi Gregorius is the best human being. This is pretty much an indisputable fact. It would be hard to claim he is the current face of the Yankees, due to all their other awesome, homegrown star faces. Due to his social media presence, one could make a compelling argument that he is. His victory tweets, which we’ve made a tradition of posting in these link dumps, are just a wonderful bonus after a Yankees’ win. His emoji skill are immense. His teammates don’t even ask what is behind their emojis. They shouldn’t, nor should any of us. Ours is not to question Sir Didi. Oh, and he’s putting up pretty incredible numbers at the SS position. He is one HR shy of tying his predecessor, Derek Jeter, for HRs hit by a Yankee SS in a season.

What a guy! | Bryan Hoch: GREG BIRD! Also, Greg Bird! With most of his season hampered with injuries and more injuries, yesterday was a sign of what Greg Bird is capable of doing. Bird hit his 4th dinger since coming off the DL. His time at 1st base will obviously be split with the hot hitting Chase Headley, especially with Todd Frazier also hitting kinda hotly. No matter what, Bird is hoping to end the season on a high note and help get the Yankees into the playoffs. Hitting massive dingers into the light of the dark black night definitely helps.

New York Post | Howie Kussoy: It has been over a month since Jordan Montgomery has won a game. He did just that yesterday, pitching six shutout innings against the Orioles. Joe Girardi of The Joe Girardi Show fame said that the win was really meaningful for Gumby. Joe also discussed the concerns over his inning count for the season. There have been ups and downs for Montgomery, but it has still been a pretty impressive rookie season. Yesterday was definitely in the up column. | Bryan Hoch: CC Sabathia was slated to start today against the Orioles. Instead, Sonny Gray will start. One might think that the Yankees think that Sonny Gray will actually get offensive support seeing as how he’s going up against Ubaldo Jimenez. The real reason is so that the Yankees can avoid having Sabathia play on the awfulness that is the Rogers Centre turf. It will also push back Luis Severino from having to start against the Twins, their potential Wild Card opponent. Cunning moves from the Yankees’ skipper. | Bryan Hoch: Miguel Andujar is back! Currently ranked as the #6 prospect in the Yankees’ organization, Andujar made an Andcredible debut when he was called up during the middle of the season. With the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders season done, the Yankees called him back up. His numbers with the Railriders were good. Very good. Girardi was impressed how well he continued to hit after being sent down, praising his work ethic and dedication. It’s still an exciting time for Yankee prospects.

Didi Victory Tweets

He suuuuuuuuuure does!