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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/14/17

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Pedro thinks Severino can compete for the Cy Young next year; the trade for Sir Didi might be Cashman’s best one ever; both Red Sox and Yankees fined for cheating/violations; Yankees honor Gene Michael during the pre-game; Gary “thumbs down guy” Dunaier taking sudden fame in stride

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
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Around the Empire

Newsday | Neil Best: If you haven’t noti...hang on a sec. (Looks at the name Neil Best and wished he played for the Yankees for punning purposes.) Sorry, got distracted for a moment there. Anyway, if you haven’t notice, Luis Severino is pretty gosh darn good at pitching. His childhood idol, Pedro Martinez, helped him work on his mechanics during the offseason and boy did it help. Does anyone even remember 2016 Severino? Pedro says that Sevy deserves the credit for the work he did and the approach he took towards the advice given to him. Pedro thinks that he’ll contend for the Cy Young next year. Considering what he’s done this year, I don’t doubt it.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Shane Greene. Literally just Shane Greene. That was all it took for Brian Cashman of Brian Cashman fame to acquire a replacement for the Derek Jeter. Sir Didi Gregorius became the starting SS in 2015. His offense has improved, his defense is incredible, and his twitter & emoji game are far beyond those of mortal men. Cashman has made some really good trades over the years. On that day he is no longer the Yankees GM, trading actually Shane Greene for Sir Didi Gregorius might be his best trade ever. | Bryan Hoch and Ian Browne: MLB finally dished out a punishment for the Red Sox after they were caught cheating using Apple Watches. Each and every Red Sox player/coach would have to turn in their smart phone and replace it with an OG Motorola Razr. Oh, and they were fined for an undisclosed amount. The Yankees were also fined for a lesser undisclosed amount. Though they found no evidence of the Yankees using YES cameras to cheat, like the Red Sox suggested, MLB did find that the Yankees had violated a dugout phone rule in an unrelated a previous year...which was never brought up until now. Strange. In any case, the money from both fines will go to Hurricane relief efforts, which is really the best thing to come out of this hilarious clusterbunt. | Roger Rubin: Greg Bird is back from back stiffness. Todd Frazier, after his pretty good game on Thursday, did not start yesterday due to back stiffness. Also, the Yankees honored Gene “Stick” Michael during a pre-game ceremony. Buck Showalter, Joe Girardi, Willie Randolph, Paul O’Neill, and David Cone each laid a bouquet of flowers on home plate. R.I.P. Stick. You will be missed.

New York Daily News | Shayna Jacobs and Denis Slattery: The Yankees played the Rays at Citi Field. The Yankees clobbered the Rays and a fan, initially thought to be a Rays fan, gave the Yankees a thumbs down due to their Ray clobberin’ times. Turns out, Thumbs Down Guy is really Gary Dunaier, a Mets fan. Since then, Todd Frazier and the Yankees’ dugout have turned the thumbs down gesture into their thing. Mr. Dunaier has taken the sudden popularity all in good stride, even laughing at the fact that the Yankees are enjoying it. Maybe the Yankees will do something nice for him. Lord knows the Mets have brought him nothing but misery this season.

Didi Victory Tweet

Since Sir Didi won’t give himself any credit