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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/15/17

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Severino reaches career-high innings pitched; Frazier will thumbs down for every hit; Green has been historically good; Cashman and Girardi will be FAs at the end of the season; Sound system at Yankee Stadium fails

Cleveland Indians v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

New York Post | Dan Martin: The Yankees ace this season has undoubtedly been Luis Severino. As good as he’s been, the Yankees have to make a decision on him soon. Severino is already at a career-high innings pitched and is on pace to finish the regular season with 195, or 215-220 depending on the postseason. His previous career-high of 161 23 came in 2015. For now, the Yankees aren’t tipping their hand as to whether or not they’ll (or already have) placed an innings limit on Severino.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Todd Frazier, who is from Toms River, NJ, has a new thing. After Todd Frazier, who played in the Little League World Series, hit a three-run home run in Citi Field, one fan did not approve and put his thumbs down. Now Todd Frazier, who has a picture with Derek Jeter, has embraced the thumbs down and will do it everytime he gets a hit. So we won’t be seeing his thumbs down that often, I guess.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: In a bullpen with Aroldis Chapman, David Robertson, and Dellin Betances, it’s Chad Green who has emerged as the best Yankee reliever this season. Joe Girardi hasn’t been shy about using him early and for long outings either. If the game is on the line early, Green has been the go-to guy. Green, for his part, has been more than just good, he’s having a historically elite relief season. | Brendan Kuty: The Yankees will have quite a few free agents this offseason, and not just players either. Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi, and all the major league coaches’ contracts expire at the end of the season. So far, the Yankees haven’t offered extensions to anyone, which makes sense as they generally don’t tend to do that. It’ll be very shocking if both Cashman and Girardi don’t actually return though.

ESPN: Fans may have noticed something weird about last night’s game. Apparently the sound system at Yankee Stadium failed before the game started and wasn’t restored until the end of the top of the second inning. Players weren’t introduced, the national anthem wasn’t played, players hit without walk-up music, and a tribute to the late Gene Michael was scrapped. Hopefully they’ll play the tribute for Stick tonight.

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