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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/13/17

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2018 schedule released; Remaining 2017 schedule favors Yanks; Bird has MRI; Clint Frazier ready for any role; Todd Frazier wants to return

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays
“This is my ‘Toronto in March’ face”
Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

New York Post | Dan Martin: The 2017 season isn’t over yet but the 2018 schedule has been released. The Yankees, like all other teams, are going to start the season extremely early next year on March 29th. This was done by MLB in an effort to give players a few extra days off during the season. The Yankees will start the season in Toronto and end it in Boston and will be visited by Derek Jeter’s Marlin2 in between.

CBS Sports | Jason Keidel: While next year’s schedule is all the news, the remainder of this year’s schedule shouldn’t be forgotten. The Yankees haven’t claimed the AL East throne or taken the lead in the standings but they just refuse to go away and let Boston run away with it. Their remaining schedule favors the Yankees too as 16 of their remaining 19 (15 of 18 now) games are in New York. | Bryan Hoch: Greg Bird was scratched from Monday’s game with back tightness. Fortunately it seems to be something small as he’s expected to be back in the lineup tonight. But it is cause for a bit of concern as Bird has dealt with injuries that have caused him to miss most of the last two years. He had a precautionary MRI yesterday, the results of which still have not returned.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Clint Frazier made his return to the lineup yesterday. While it wasn’t a particularly inspiring return, Joe Girardi was happy to finally get a true fourth outfielder since Aaron Hicks went back down with injury. Frazier says he was working on some timing issues during his rehab which explains his struggles then and he believes he knows what was causing his struggles before he went down with injury. He also said he’s going to do his best to be ready for any role he’s asked to play. | Brendan Kuty: Todd Frazier, who is from Tom’s River, NJ, has thoroughly enjoyed his time in New York and will be a free agent at the end of the year. Todd Frazier, who played in the Little League World Series, says he wants to return to the Yankees next year. Todd Frazier, who once took the field at Yankee Stadium with Derek Jeter, is willing to even shift positions from third base to make that happen. We all want things, Todd.