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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/1/17

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Cashman’s silence on Otani; Judge’s bad luck; positive injury updates; saving some cookies

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | Hannah Withlam: Brian Cashman kept his lips sealed on what he thought about Shohei Otani, and likely for good reason. He merely made a comment on how he thought the city Sapporo was great, and that was about it. My guess is he’s avoiding making any comment as to signal Otani’s value; when it comes to free agents of all stripes, Cashman always keeps his intentions and valuations close to the chest.

ESPN NY | Andrew Marchand: While it’s undeniable that Aaron Judge has truly struggled in the second half, it’s also reasonable to consider that his abnormally low BABIP may indicate he’s having some bad luck. This would probably be false if his shoulder is actually out of whack, but it’s also true that when you’re truly slumping, the luck dries up as well. Let’s hope September swings back. | Brendan Kuty: There are injury updates, and they’re actually positive! Matt Holliday’s rehab assignment is nearly over, and he could be back with the team as soon as today. Consider what a difference his renewed bat could make this weekend. Clint Frazier, another crucial part of this roster, will likely join the Yankees during the road trip and Joe Girardi will ease him back in. They won’t be 100% all at once, but it’s a really good sign.

Food & Wine | Mike Pomranz: During game one of Wednesday’s doubleheader, what looked like a normal shot of a vendor almost turned into a food disaster. The vendor was carrying an exorbitant amount of food, namely an exposed plate of cookies that slowly started to tip over. Another vendor came to the rescue, grabbing the plate before it fell. Wednesday was a horrible day for the Yankees, but at least the cookies survived.