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Yankees Players Weekend jerseys feature nicknames and an alternate logo

All of Major League Baseball will be sporting different jerseys August 25-27 with player-chosen nicknames on the back.

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Yankees, along with the rest of Major League Baseball, will look a little different on the field later this month. Games between August 25 and August 27 will be the inaugural Players Weekend, featuring jersey’s with player-chosen nicknames on the back. In addition to their jerseys, players will be able to showcase their own personal style with cleats, gloves, sleeves, and bats the color of their choosing.

Players were able to select the name for the back of their jersey. Some of the Yankee selections are fairly obvious, but we have a lot of questions about some of the others. Aaron Judge will wear All Rise above his number 99. Didi Gregorius will get to wear a jersey with his appropriate title, Sir Didi. Clint Frazier will get Red Thunder on top of his jersey. Gary Sanchez will, of course, have Kraken on the back of his jersey.

Some of the more interesting choices:

Sonny Gray has the nickname Pickles. Why? Who knows. Adam Warren has selected Rocket to go on his jersey. If you were not aware that Jacoby Ellsbury’s nickname is Chief, now you know. Marcus Thames is the only coach willing to play along, putting Slick on the back of his jersey.

The front of the Yankees’ uniforms will also look quite different. It’s a navy jersey with gray sleeves and the script Yankees written across the front. The hat for the games is gray with a navy interlocking NY.

It will be the third time that the Yankees will be wearing a uniform other than their traditional setup and the first time in the team’s history that the players will have names on the back of the jersey. A lot of people are already upset about this, as you might expect. It’s really not a big deal for such a short amount of time. Let’s maintain some perspective on this. has the jerseys and shirseys available for purchase if you’re into the design. They seem pretty cool to me, but I am not a person who is overly militant about the uniforms. Do you like them? Should they have put Didi’s emoji for every player on their back instead?