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Pinstripe Alley v. Yankee Stadium Food: Dirty Fries

The next stop in this ongoing series brought me to Mighty Quinn’s and their absolutely delicious Dirty Fries.

Dirty Fries

The Yankees have heard the complaints from fans about Yankee stadium being too boring and the food not being that great. Anyone who has visited the stadium this year has seen the many ways they have tried to battle those stigmas. They added new social areas like the Toyota Terrace and Frank’s RedHot Terrace in the outfield. They also added a whole new menu of food items.

Those new food items are what bring us here today. I recently visited Yankee Stadium with Pinstripe Alley’s Greg Kirkland and Matt Provenzano, and as I’m wont to do, I decided to take on one of the new offerings at the stadium. After studying the new options and menus, I had my sights set on Mighty Quinn’s, found in section 132 of the stadium.

Mighty Quinn’s is known for its barbecue and has a variety of options for fans to choose from. They offer items such as the Brontosaurus Rib, a full pound of beef short rib on the bone that’s been smoked for 16 hours. In addition to that monstrous slab of meat, Mighty Quinn’s also offers items like the Brisket Sandwich, chili-lime Chicken Wings, a Pulled Pork Sandwich, a Burnt Ends Sandwich, and the Dirty Fries.

The Dirty Fries, pictured above, are fries topped with brisket burnt ends, chili-lime sauce, red onions, and scallions. What I found amusing was that this option, because they’re fries, was listed as a side. The cost ($15) and the amount of food they give you makes this more of a meal than anything else.

One thing I was worried about when ordering was that they wouldn’t give me enough meat. I assumed it’d be heavy on the fries side and then just a little bit on top. Fortunately, Might Quinn’s doesn’t skimp out on their meat. They know their business is the barbecue and they give you the barbecue. I’d say it was actually a healthy fry to meat ratio.

Now, I had eaten a little bit before getting to the stadium, so Greg and Matt provided relief out of the bullpen to help finish these. If I hadn’t eaten beforehand, I’m sure I could have tackled the whole order. If I had, I doubt there would have been room left for anything else. I really don’t get how this is a “side” outside of the fact that they are french fries, though. Trust me—there’s enough here that you won’t need anything else.

So, how were the Dirty Fries? As Greg and Matt can confirm, they were very good. The fries alone were fine, they were just regular fries that weren’t bad but it’s the rest that made this venture worth it.

The burnt ends had a nice smoky flavor to them that mixed well with the chili-lime sauce. The sauce was a nice touch because it kept the meat from feeling too dry, but it also came with its own solid kick to it. I wouldn’t say it was actually spicy, but the kick was real and perfectly placed. Admittedly, I am a homer for onions and scallions. Throw them on anything, and there’s almost no way to go wrong, and this was no different. It was the perfect way to top this off.

Final Verdict: I honestly really have no complaints about the Dirty Fries. The cost is a bit much at $15, but if I’m getting them they’re going to be my meal, so the cost is kind of on par with a lot of the other options. I probably wouldn’t get them every time out at the Stadium, but I almost certainly will have them again. They were absolutely delicious, and I’m actually sad that I couldn’t finish them.