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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/31/17

Greg Bird could really help the Yankees down the stretch; Bird’s HR was a good sign; Chad Green makes baseball history; Aaron Judge is not feeling great, yet feeling better; Sanchez & Romine will have their appeals heard this Friday

MLB: Game Two-Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees
Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire

Fangraphs | Travis Sawchik: CA-CAW! As well all know, the Greg Bird is back. This article gives some details on how Greg Bird can help the Yankees as they enter the final stretch of the regular season. As one might imagine, that help involves hitting the ball and potentially hitting the ball over the wall. Joe Girardi has been impressed with his at-bats since his return. Here’s hoping he returns to the Bird we have such high hopes for. | Bryan Hoch: Yesterday’s game helped with some of those high hopes. Not for the Yankees’ as a whole. No no, yesterday certainly did not help with those hopes. With one swing in the 9th inning of a doomed game, Bird provided a glimmer of hope on what might be possible with him going down the line. Bird said that hitting that home run felt good. Girardi said it was a good sign. Greg Bird fly. | Bryan Hoch: It was very easy being Green in the first game of the double header. It’s been pretty easy being Chad Green all year. He has established himself as an incredible arm out of the bullpen. Yesterday, Green made history as the first pitcher in Major League history to record seven strikeouts while facing eight or fewer batters. Next to Dellin Betances and David Robertson, Green might be the next best member of the bullpen.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: It does not seem like Aaron Judge is in the best shape health wise. You might have noticed his shoulder has been ice wrapped around it a bit. Perhaps this have caused you a bit of concern. It probably should. The Yankees have not scheduled an MRI for his shoulder. Um, they probably should. Might be wise. I dunno, maybe not. Judge did say that a few days rest helped him feel a lot better. Neat.

New York Post | Fred Kerber: Do you remember the brawl between the Yankees and the Tigers last week? Remember how Gary Sanchez got suspended 4 games for legitimate reasons and Austin Romine got suspended 2 games for not allowing himself to get punched in the face? Cool. This Friday, both Yankee players will have their appeals for their suspensions heard. I just thought you should know.