Judge needs to stand-up straight...

Not meaning to be boring, but seeing Judge in this never ending slump is excruciating.

His stance, his busy-ness before the pitch etc, are getting worse. Watch other hitters and you can barely read their back numbers, but Judge is so twisted around you read the whole 99, And why is he crouching and all coiled up with a nervous bat. He was doing none of this before the All-Star break. His legs and hips are not set, and either is his bat, He's a bit like a jiggly jello mould. He is looking sideways at the pitcher with one eye instead of straight on with both.. My question is: where are the coaches who are looking at video and trying to get him straight. Every commentator mentions these same points during every strikeout heavy game.

We all know Aaron is a once in a lifetime talent First off, stand up straight, Aaron!

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