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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/25/17

A brawl in Detroit; YES ratings are up; A-A Ron; possible September call-ups; the Otani sweepstakes.

MLB: New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

New York Times | Billy Witz: In case you missed it, the Yankees got in a huge brawl with the Tigers yesterday. In fact there were three scuffles, and a total of eight players/coaches were ejected. Suspensions are also likely looming, so it was a wild scene with repercussions that go just beyond yesterday. This is what the paper of record said about the affair. | Joe Giglio: YES Network ratings are up to 3.87 versus 2.52 last year, an increase of 54%. That means that an average of 285,000 households are watching each Yankees game, and my guess is that more are going to tune in as the pennant race heats up. Who knew that a young, talented playoff contender would attract more attention?

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Here’s a nice story that’s a break from many articles that will be penned on fighting: Aaron Hicks, who will go by the nickname “A-A Ron” during Players Weekend, said owes this nickname to the comedy show, Key & Peele, which popularized it in a famous skit. Apparently Hicks didn’t like his old nickname, so once he was called this after the skit came out, he embraced it and felt it would be a great way to connect with fans.

Bleacher Report | Joel Reuter: Rosters are expanding, so we’re sure to see some new faces next week. Here are a few names: Ben Heller, Miguel Andujar, Domingo German, Giovanny Gallegos, and Clint Frazier. Some are merely being called back up or are returning from injury, but they’re sure to have an impact as depth becomes even more important down the stretch.

FanRag Sports | Jon Heyman: The bid for Shohei Otani is likely to be heated, as so much copy has already been written about the subject. Heyman pens yet another column about the Yankees’ prospects for signing the Japanese two-way superstar, stating that because his signing is hamstrung by international amateur allotments, there’s actually only so much that can be spent. The Yankees and the Red Sox have the most coin in the bank in that regard, so they will likely lead the pack.