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The Yankees/Red Sox rivalry has high stakes once again

Yankee Stadium is hosting an incredibly important series with playoff implications this weekend.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Yankees/Red Sox rivalry has not felt as intense the last few seasons. Boston has enjoyed success while the Yankees have stumbled, and it has made for some lackluster late season matchups. Nothing could be further from that than the stakes for the remaining games between these two teams.

Boston comes to town on top of the AL East by 4.5 games. The Yankees can cut that deficit by winning the series to feel good about their chances down the stretch. The Red Sox could potentially bury New York with a sweep.

Having these games matter once again feels like the way it should be. Baseball is probably at its best when the Yankees and Red Sox are fighting for the division right down to the end. There seems to be a decent chance of that this season.

The best place to catch the action will, of course, be Yankee Stadium. YSIII has been a much better atmosphere for baseball this season, and that should continue as the Yankees try to cement a spot in the playoffs. Asserting a home field advantage can only help.

The Yankees are the team that baseball loves to hate. It’s hard to hate the Yankees when they aren’t regularly competing in the playoffs. This year’s squad has a chance to recapture some of that hatred and knock off the team everyone ordained as AL East favorites. How sweet would that be?

Yankee Stadium will host two crucial series against the Red Sox down the stretch, including this weekend. Head out to the stadium to experience the resurrection of the rivalry in person. It’s worth the trip.