For two months we have been the second worst team in the league

On Sunday, June 11th...
We finished off a sweep of the Orioles putting us 37-23.

Tomorrow we wake up exactly two months from that date.

Since then we have gone 23-30 which is a winning percentage of .434.
To put it in perspective the Oakland A’s currently have a .439 winning percentage.
The White Sox are the only team in the American League with a worse winning percentage.
During this time the team has won only three series out of sixteen.
This is two full months of the season we have been the second worst team in the league!
I would love someone to give me a logical reason to expect this team capable of turning it around. That great first third of the season was a long time ago and seems even longer right now...

And this is not a small sample; the 53 games represents almost exactly a full third of the season.

This team has not been good for a while now and I am not sure what reasons we have for optimism that things will change. Yes, we are getting some injured players back who may or may not play as well as we need them to (can we guarantee that Hicks and Castro will be able to put up the same gaudy numbers?) but who knows what other injuries will happen.

On the other wise we don’t have any starters who can go as many as five innings regularly. Our bullpen will likely be overworked and our strength is at the back end which is less of an asset without late leads.

If someone can see a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train, I’m all ears, but while we may play the last third of the season a little better than the second worst team in the league, but even if we go .500 (a big improvement from the past two months) we get to 85 wins. Is that enough to get a Wild Card? Even if it is, can we envision a long playoff run with this bunch?

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