It's time to unload the dead weight

Yankee priorities:
1) Fire Rothschild. I'm sick of the Yankees falling 3-5 runs behind after every first inning. It's apparent Rothschild has no idea what he's doing and deserves to be fired immediately.

2) Trade or DFA Bird, Ellsbury, Betances, Clippard, Tanaka, Hicks.

Tanaka's career is over. I'm sick of hearing about his elbow for 3 years now. He isn't fooling anyone and he's a mop-up reliever at best.

Betances and his guaranteed 1 walk per IP just proves he's washed up. He's a meatballer the same way Joba became at the end.

Ellsbury and Clippard are useless.

Bird has Carl Pavano disease and just flat-out refuses to play. He belongs on the Padres.

Hicks is old and can be easily replaced with Frazier who is 7 years younger.

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