Forecasting the future, as of Sunday morning

Today marks the final day of play for the Yankees before the All Star Break. There are about 3 weeks until the trade deadline.

That said, let's look at the future through some Pinstriped glasses.

Given the talent on the Major League roster and the depth of high ceiling talent at every one of the minor league levels, it can be fun to talk about the future. So with that in mind I'm going to forecast how the roster will look on Opening Day of 2019. This does not take into account injuries or trades. We're talking strictly with what there is to work with right now.

Figure 13 position players to start the season.

Sanchez C

Bird 1B

Castro 2B

Didi SS

Torres 3B

Frazier LF

Rutherford CF

Judge RF

Andujar DH

Bench: Wade, Mateo, Romine

Aside from Castro and Didi, who would be the oldest position players on the roster and would STILL be younger than 30, that's an entirely homegrown roster. I'm including Bird because I still believe he will return, and I'm not counting any possible offseason acquisitions. Figure Wade will rotate in just about anywhere on the field, and Mateo will probably do the same. The way Girardi keeps players fresh with built-in rest days (they're here to stay throughout baseball) it makes sense to have a versatile bench. Romine is obviously the backup C, but also is the backup 1B. Sanchez has also played 1B some this season, so if the Yankees have some sort of way to start developing C/1B hybrids to keep bats in the lineup while alleviating wear and tear on knees, I'm all for it.

This is an "everything works out as planned" scenario, of course, but seriously, could you imagine?

As far as the pitching staff goes, to open 2019, figure on Severino and Montgomery as the top 2 starters. By that time, it is conceivable that Adams and Sheffield have made "the jump" and that Kaprelian has also returned. That's a rotation with 3 righties and 2 lefties, and is also entirely homegrown.

The pen would have 7 arms, and at minimum, 4 would be homegrown (Betances, Warren among them).

Again, I'm talking pie in the sky everything works out scenarios.

Here's the point, though:

Many people view Yankee fans as insufferable for many reasons. Among them are "we buy championships" and "we're spoiled."

Well, let's hopefully get to live out a self-fulfilling prophecy and win a championship and get spoiled because of a roster that is so overwhelmingly homegrown that no one can say a thing.

Also, chew on this: IF (a big IF, I am fully aware) NYY are able to win a WS by 2020, it is entirely possible they do so with a payroll that is among the bottom half of MLB. That would be outstanding.

I'm going to go have another cup of coffee. And continue to dream big.

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