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Yankees 4, Brewers 9: Bullpen blows in every sense of the word

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Tyler Clippard did more of the things that Tyler Clippard has done lately.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at New York Yankees Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees let the Brewers off the hook after committing five early errors thanks to another complete bullpen meltdown on the part of Tyler Clippard. Jordan Montgomery pitched through a rain delay and left the game with a lead that the two Tylers (Webb and Clippard) destroyed in short order.

Montgomery’s night was ended prematurely after just 4.1 innings because he wasn’t as crisp as he could have been after the lengthy delay. He allowed two runs, but the offense had done enough to make up for that. Webb was responsible for two of the runs with the big blow coming against Clippard in the form of a Jesus Aguilar grand slam.

The grand slam broke a 4-4 tie and basically put the game out of reach for New York. Clippard’s ERA now sits at 5.24, which is just criminally bad for a high-leverage reliever. How bad has he been lately?

He turns almost all the batters he faces in high-leverage situations into the best hitter in baseball. That’s atrocious.

One bright spot in the game was Aaron Judge’s 30th homer of the season to set a new Yankees rookie record. It bounced off the glass of the restaurant in center field like it was nothing, because that’s just how Judge rolls. In a time of great relief despair, at least there is still the large, dinger monster shaped light at the end of the tunnel.

The Yankees managed just four hits in the game to the Brewers’ 12. That kind of offensive production will make up for quite a few defensive miscues. The Yankees simply didn’t make Milwaukee pay for their fielders’ sloppiness in any meaningful way.

Losing this game means that the Yankees will need to win both of their final games before the All-Star break in order to salvage a series victory. They haven’t won one of those in what feels like forever. They’ve lost 17 of their last 23. The break can’t come soon enough.