Why i Don't Hate Carter

i wanted to hate the newly-departed Chris Carter, just like so many other Yankee fans had learned to do. But i just couldn't do it. It wasn't just his melancholic demeanor, nor his ability to look sad while smiling, that held me back. There was more to it than that.

i knew that many fans were more than justified in their hatred of Carter's performance and that they expressed that hate, hate, hate, in their comments. But there was something else that kept me from joining this rational, fully-documented, long-endured, scream of hatred. Cured me, really.

Let me try to explain why i could not join this chorus of pain and hate. Like almost all fans, i cheer for my guys to contribute and am disappointed when they don't. But with Carter, disappointment soon curved into depression and ended in despair.

Stop! said i, you can't allow one player's almost totally useless performance to affect you in this way! Think positive! Think Judge! And reader, it worked. The thought of Aaron Judge's body of work so far this season instilled in me an immunity against the anger, irritation and frustration that Carter's presence embodied.

And so, after the Yankee brain-trust decided to dig him up from his grave in AAA Ball and throw his corpse back on the field again in a Yankee uniform, i was able to look upon Carter's at-bats with a calmness, an equanimity that bordered on either the saintly or drug-induced. i now saw the positive Carter where only the negative Carter had ruled. Consider this:

_ Ah, good, Carter's at bat with no-one on; no double-play possible. _ Wow, that strike-out was awesome. Never before have i seen anyone miss the ball by that much. _ That was a fun Carter-Pineda juggling act. What an entertaining out.

And so, you see, it was the natural miracle of Judge that saved me from hating Carter.

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