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Presenting a Clint Frazier debut t-shirt, courtesy of Breaking T

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Celebrating Red Thunder’s strong debut.

New York Yankees v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Clint Frazier’s arrival in the big leagues has been anticipated for months, and he didn’t disappoint in his first game with the Yankees. The man they call Red Thunder got his first big league hit and home run out of the way early in his first game down in Houston. You can celebrate the moment with a cool new shirt from our friends at Breaking T.

Pinstripe Alley has promoted a couple different player t-shirts in the past, with our Judge t-shirt still being something we think everyone needs. The Baby Bombers are taking over, and we all might as well jump on the merchandise train now so that we can represent accordingly.

Breaking T’s design commemorate’s Frazier’s first big league home run with John Sterling’s call. Here’s what the graphic looks like if you’re interested:

The shirt is officially licensed by the MLB Players Association and printed in the USA. (Woo, Independence Day America plug.)

Click here if you’d like to add a little Red Thunder swag to your wardrobe.