Anyone have a crystal ball?

The Phelps/Buhner trade has become a symbol of a terrible trade made by the Yankees. However, at the time it wasn't thought to be such a bad deal. It was only after Buhner had established himself as a star player with several monster years that the trade became a thing to be scorned.

Buhner had had fewer than 100 PA with the Yankees, while Phelps was on a 4 year run of over .400 OBA. As soon as he joined the Yankees however, his productive years came screeching to a halt.

Meanwhile Buhner, hit over 300 HRs with the Mariners. Oh well, . I think we all have a reaction to the Sonny Gray deal, but NOBODY knows how it will turn out for a few years yet.

So, lets go with the predictions for the each player, Gray, Mateo, Kaprelian and Fowler.

Gray: I think he will pitch for NY for 6 years and be an injury free, better than average starter, a 2 or 3 in the rotation. He will help them get to the playoffs in 4 of his 6 years here, with 2 WS wins. He will shine in post season play.

Mateo will become a CF with great offensive tools. But not with Oakland. They will ship him in a package deal before he becomes truly productive. He will be a .275 hitter with speed. And 15 to 20 HRs/ year. Poor OBA but occasional pop in the bat.

Kaprelian will struggle with injuries. He will be on the DL more often than Nick Johnson. We will liken his career to that of Michael Pineda.

Fowler will blossom quickly and will remind people of Jim Edmonds. Great defense in CF and a solid .275 to .300 hitter. Good OBA and 20 to 25 HRs a year.

Anyone else with some guesses????

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