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What do you think about the Yankees’ Sonny Gray trade?

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The Yankees, it seems, got their man. After days of reports linking the Bombers to Sonny Gray, the trade was made official with an hour to go before deadline. By now you know that James Kaprielian, Jorge Mateo and Dustin Fowler were sent to Oakland in exchange for their frontline starter and $1.5 million in international free agent bonus pool money.

The short term effects of this deal are obvious. The Yankees shore up their rotation, adding a 115 career ERA+ pitcher to a staff that has surprised many with its ability to consistently win games. Whether Gray is your #1 guy, or slides somewhere in between Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka isn’t really important when the talent pool gets that much deeper.

The prospects dealt were interesting prospects, but that’s the cost of business in modern baseball. We’ve all been enamored with Kaprielian, but the truth is, the man only made it to A-ball before dealing with significant injury. Pitching prospects come with that kind of risk.

Dustin Fowler might be the biggest sticking point, as he was in the middle of an incredible Triple-A season before being called up and injuring himself on that miserable night in Chicago. There’s a ton of outfield grass in Oakland to cover and I’m sure it’ll be fun for A’s fans to watch him out there.

Jorge Mateo, who knows? The speedster has a ton of raw talent without a clear position, and inconsistent play in the minors saw his prospect ranking drop over the last three seasons.

This trade, for me, really came down to known quantities vs. unknown. You can pencil in Sonny Gray’s performance, whether he’s a true #1 or a talented #2 depends on your interpretation. The players given up are far more unknown, even more so than most prospects. Pitchers are always difficult to project in the minors because of the injury risk inherent in their jobs, and when only in A-ball that unknown quantity only grows. Fowler may take time to recover from patellar tendon surgery, and Jorge Mateo may never have a major-league position.

Now, though, we want to open this up to all of you. Are you excited to see Gray in pinstripes for the next couple of seasons? Do you think the price was too steep? Where does this leave the Yankee rotation in comparison to some of the other strong rotations in the AL?


What do you think of the Yankees’ trade for Sonny Gray?

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  • 51%
    Love it! A bird in the hand and an improved rotation
    (687 votes)
  • 33%
    Fair market value. Good deal but it cost the Yankees
    (454 votes)
  • 10%
    Slight overpay. Not great value, but it’s the cost of doing business
    (141 votes)
  • 4%
    Way in the As favor. Too much talent given up for too little upside
    (61 votes)
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