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Yankees acquire Sonny Gray: Media reactions

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The Yankees acquire Sonny Gray & international bonus cash for Kaprielian, Fowler, and Mateo. How is the media reacting to this move?

New York Yankees Spring Training Workout Session
“DAMN, I’M GOOD!” -Brian Cashman
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It’s done. After playing the waiting game, which we all know sucks, Brian Cashman busted out the Hungry Hungry Hippo board and acquired Sonny Gray from the Oakland Athletics for James Kaprielian, Dustin Fowler, and Jorge Mateo. Being that Kaprielian is recovering from Tommy John surgery and Dustin Fowler is recovering from a season-ending knee injury, there is a lot of risk involved for the A’s. Jorge Mateo has been doing extremely well since being called up Double-A Trenton. How long that lasts is anyone’s guess.

The key thing is that Brian Cashman got his primary target and, for all intents and purposes, the last piece of the puzzle for 2017. After stabilizing the bullpen with David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, and minus Tyler Clippard, they just needed to help the starting rotation out. With the addition of Jaime Garcia and now Sonny Gray, the Yankees have made their intentions for this season clear. They are going for it. That is good.

How this trade works out for both teams will be determined at a future date and time. For right now, this seems like yet another great trade by Brian Cashman. Let’s see how Twitter is reacting:

Yeah, a TON of time. Way to make us wait until the last minute, you jerks!

Oh right. I forgot to mention that Cashman also got back $1.5 million dollars in international bonus money. With Shohei Otani being a potential option, this definitely helps. Cash Rules Everything Around Me

That’s one of the big takeaways from this trade. Gray is not just a rental. He helps solidify the rotation this year and next year as well.

Ken Rosenthal of Ken Rosenthal’s Facebook likes the trade for both teams.

Jon Heyman thinks that the Yankees have already won this trade. You know what? I’m siding with the Heyman on this one.

Cashman chiggity checked his farm before he wrecked his farm. I’m here all week, folks.

Some reactions from the Yankee players and Joe Girardi. Well said, Joe!

With the Yankees going with Gray and Garcia, we’ll see what happens with the rotation.

Jordan Montgomery has been everything the Yankees’ could’ve asked for this season, so we’ll see what happens with him.

It sucks to see Dustin Fowler go, especially considering what’s happened to him. Here’s hoping he has a full recovery and a great career.

Best of luck to you in Oakland, Mateo.

Gleyber will miss them, as I’m sure a lot of their teammates and fans will.

This isn’t a media reaction tweet, but it’s absolutely awesome!

Yeeeeeep. Essentially, the main consensus is that Cashman got a quality, non-rental starter, another back-end starter, fixed his ailing bullpen, and did that all without having to give up the majority top prospects to do so. Seems pretty Ninja Cash-y to me. To close, here are some PSA Twitter reactions:

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty big fans of this trade.