Perhaps someone who is more knowledgeable with the going one at Scranton could give me some insight. Andujar is supposedly a highly thought of 3rd baseman. Yankees drafted him when he was 16. His 1 game in the bigs this year was very impressive. From what I have gathered, which isn't a ton, that's why I'm here posting this, the dude is supposedly going to be a hell of a 3rd basemen. Gleybar, as highly touted as he is, doesn't seem like he's this stud based solely off the statistics I'm seeing him put up. Obviously, he is injured now, but, if he is still this highly touted guy, and Andujar potentially is no joke either, why not trade Gleybar? He could be that piece needed yo land that Super Stud ace, to go along with the one we already have, Severino, and the other one who sometimes is, Tanaka, that one who may be an ace as well someday, Chase Adams, and that other guy who looks like Andy Petitte attended the school of Greg Maddux, that'd be Jordan Montgomery. I don't know if I love Sonny Gray due to his history of injuries, but for arguments sake, andujar at 3rd, and a rotation next year of Severino, Gray (or maybe someone else of equal talent), Tanaka, Montgomery and Adams.

Am I missing something in Andujar that makes this idea illogical? Love to hear some thoughts!

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