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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/27/17

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Yankees want Sonny Gray to sure up the rotation; Jacoby Ellsbury has become an expensive bench player; Clint Frazier keeps giving reasons why not to send him down when Hicks returns; Sir Didi is very locked in; Yankees need to add more protective netting down the lines

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays
Just look at that smile. SIGN HIM, YANKEES!
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Around the Empire

Newsday | David Lennon: It is becoming more and more apparent that Luis Severino is the best pitcher on the Yankees starting staff. It is also apparent that the Yankees need another starter and the starter they want the most is Clayton Kershaw. Since that’s not actually a thing, Sonny Gray is the most likely and ideal candidate. The Yankees have pieces the A’s supposedly want, as well as enough farm depth to pull it off and still remain one of the best systems in the majors. How much Cashman is willing to part with is one question. Another team could also swoop in with a better offer. It’s gonna be interesting.

FanRag Sports | Jesse Spector: We might be mentioning a lot how Jacoby Ellsbury really doesn’t have a place on this team. We’re going to mention it again because yeah. Ellsbury is an very ellspenisve backup outfielder at this point. Clint Frazier has nearly matched his yearly total of XBH and he’s played about half the amount of games. Like Brian McCann last year, Ellsbury has to know that he’s probably not part of the future of this team. If he still wants to start, he might consider waive his NTC. Although, who would take him is another matter entirely. | Bryan Hoch: We might be mentioning how much we like Clint Frazier lately. Let’s keep that going, because Frazier has been everything the Yankees’ have hoped for. When Aaron Hicks comes back, the Yankees will have a decision to make in regards to sending him down. The obvious answer, at this point, is that they shouldn’t. So don’t. There, I solved your problem. Call me if you need any other advice, Yankees.

Newsday | Erik Boland: There are few players in baseball as locked in as Sir Didi Gregorius right now. Sir Didi currently has an eight-game hitting streak. During said hitting streak, baseball’s best emoji user is hitting .509 with five dingers and eight RBI and has not struck out once. Three of those five dingers came in each of the last three games. Here’s hoping he keeps it going against the Rays.

New York Daily News | John Harper: In Tuesday’s game against the Reds, Aaron Judge lined a ball into the stands just beyond the home dugout. It left his bat at 105MPH and hit someone in the head. He was given medical attention, but it could have been much worse. The point is, the Yankees need to follow the Mets example and extend the protective netting down the lines. That’s really all there is to it. Brett Gardner thinks they should. Lonn Trost, COO and hater of Baltic Ave. Yankee fans, stated that they are still looking into it and that nothing would be decided on until next season at the earliest. That’ll teach those fans to sit where they’re not wanted!

Didi Victory Tweet

Welcome aboard, Todd Frazier!