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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/23/17

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Yanks inquired about Stanton; Frazier above Ellsbury on depth chart; Gary’s road to the majors; Judge’s towering home run; Farm system is still one of the best

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

FanRag Sports | Jon Heyman: There are two big baseball boys in the majors. The Yankees have one in Aaron Judge. The other, Giancarlo Stanton, plays for the Marlins. The Yankees are enjoying Judge’s monster dongs and thought “two giant baseball bashing humans are better than one!” So they apparently checked in on Stanton to see his status. It was just one call that didn’t go far, probably more due diligence than anything else, and any traction on this is very unlikely.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Joe Girardi is playing the hot hand. For right now at least, Clint Frazier has passed Jacoby Ellsbury on the team’s depth chart. Since being called up, Frazier has done nothing but prove he belongs in the big leagues and since coming back from the DL, Ellsbury has done nothing. Ideally, the Yankees would find a way to ditch Ellsbury and make this a permanent move, but it’s nice that they’re acknowledging Frazier while he’s with the team.

ESPN | Marly Rivera: Gary Sanchez talks about his journey to the Bronx and his experiences adapting American baseball. Sanchez talks about how he spent so long in the minors and how he’s learning English and his teammates are helping him. Sanchez also spoke about the Home Run Derby and how he eliminated Stanton in the first round. Sanchez also talked about how he was always a Yankee fan and he was excited that his favorite team was the one that gave him a chance and signed him.

New York Times | Billy Witz: People have been talking about how Aaron Judge has been in a “slump” since the All-Star break. This angered Judge and he took it out on a poor, innocent baseball on Friday. The home run broke Statcast as it was unable to get an official distance on the home run, but compared to other home runs the estimate is 440ft which seems light. Judge dismissed that his swing had been messed up since the Derby and between this home run and another one last night, he might be right.

New York Post | Mark W. Sanchez: Brian Cashman’s wheeling and dealing last year vaulted the organization’s farm system to be one of the best. After Blake Rutherford and others were dealt to the White Sox, Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline says that though it takes a while to measure systems against the other, “there’s no question the Yankees have a top-three farm system in baseball,” and also “the Yankees definitely have the deepest farm system.”