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Aaron Judge home run nearly leaves Safeco Field and breaks Statcast in the process

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The Biggest Baseball Boy hit a home run a really long way.

MLB: New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Judge is a big boy capable of jaw-dropping home runs. We’ve seen him defy NASA at the Home Run Derby, we’ve seen him hit home runs all the way to the terrace level at Yankee Stadium. Judge broke the 500 foot mark on his way to the Home Run Derby championship, and he may have done it tonight. Maybe.

Statcast technology tells us how far Judge’s monstrous home runs travel, but he broke it. They have nothing. No idea. How did he do that? I can’t confirm that the ball traveled 500 feet, but nothing tells me it didn’t.

The Yankees’ baseball-clobbering boy has been slumping a bit in the second half, but he got absolutely all of that one. It is ill-advised to hang pitches to Judge. There’s a free piece of advice from me to you, pitchers.

Judge doesn’t like to admire his home runs the same way we do, so his buddy CC Sabathia was there to show him where the ball landed. So considerate!

The Mariners would like you to believe the baseball only traveled 415 feet, but no one with eyeballs believes that to be true. Nice try, Seattle.

All rise.