Finish what you started, Cashman!

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Boston Red Sox are sitting in first and everyone is coming after them. Tampa Bay Rays have over took the Yankees and moved us to third place in the AL East. We sit in the second wild card spot. We just beefed up our pen and third base. We beat Boston to the punch. The Red Sox, are scrambling for a late inning reliever and a power bat for third. The Rays are in hot pursuit for bullpen help. Yet, even after the trade, we got some unfinished business to attend to. Time for the Stealth Ninja to work his magic.

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We are a very solid team that has a few minor tweaks to make it a World Series contender. We just might have the best bullpen in baseball, do not give this team a lead. Our offense is able to compete with any team in baseball. Our rotation moves to the top of the needs list, because of the Pineda injury. We still could use a power hitting lefty handed bat to man first, for a better balanced lineup. Finally, we have missed a late innings lefty all season long. Those are the most glaring holes on this 2017 team making it's push for the playoffs.

So where could we find another package deal to get closer to a finish team? Here are a few of the trades I think that the Yankees should consider or make:

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1. Yonder Alonso and Sonny Gray or Sean Manaea for Estevial Floria, Jorge Mateo, Freicer Perez, Tyler Austin, Dermis Garcia and Billy McKinney or Jake Cave. Billy Beane has made it clear that the Oakland A's are in a complete rebuild. His top two pitcher should be on his trade list. Sean has not been mentioned much but if he truly is in a complete tear down then this makes a lot of sense for him to trade one or the other to the Yankees. I am sure that Cashman would accept either pitcher to make this a done deal.

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2. Matt Adams and Julio Teheran for Chase Headley, Wilkerman Garcia, Domingo Acevedo, Bryan Mitchell and Billy McKinney or Jake Cave. This is a buy low opportunity for Julio. Braves get a current third basemen and a future option for third. Mitchell can slide into their rotation to allow further development of its pitching prospects or be added to its pen. Teheran has struggled in the Braves new stadium, in particular.

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3. Trevor Cahill and Brad Hand for Jorge Mateo, Drew Finlay, Giovanny Gallegos, Kyle Holder and Luis Torrens (rule 5 rights). San Diego wants a shortstop for the future. This trade, allows them to have two potential shortstop options. One already is considered glove ready in Holder. Mateo is the #37 prospect in baseball and the #7 rated short stop prospect.

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Each trade is not perfect but I sure like the Oakland trade. Let them all fight over Gray and we sneak in and get Maneae. That is a Stealth Ninja trade.

You have to like the Braves trade because it gives a potential ACE a chance to compete on a contending team and get a much needed change of scenery. Plus, we fill a potential long term need at first, while jettisoning Headley and his contract.

San Diego deal seems like a little over payment in light of the recent blockbuster haul. You have to consider that the Yankees get a solid option for the back of the rotation and a late inning lefty under team control. Cahill has had injury issues in the past. But, has had a solid year in the Pads rotation when active. Hard to go wrong with Cahill because he is a cheap rental and pitched very well last season in the pen.

Oh! Do not forget in Cashman we do trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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