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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/21/17

Cashman says Betances is safe; Gray still in play; Frazier will stick with #29; Jeter has a trick up his sleeve; America hates the Yankees; Kahnle could be the best part of White Sox deal; Hawkins doesn’t like Kahnle

88th MLB All-Star Game - Batting Practice Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

New York Post | Ethan Sears: After the Yankees traded for David Robertson (HE’S HOME!) and Tommy Kahnle, there was speculation among some that All-Star not-a-closer Dylan Dellin Betances would become a trade chip for the Yankees. However, in an interview on Sirius XM, Brian Cashman very clearly said he has “no interest in moving Dellin Betances. He’s a four-time All-Star.” | Pete Caldera: Though the details aren’t out, the Athletics have reportedly told the Yankees what it would take to get Sonny Gray. Though a deal supposedly isn’t close, the A’s assistant GM and director of player personnel was scouting the Yankees’ Double-A affiliate, Trenton Thunder last night. So it seems that Gray could still end up in New York. Just stay away from Rookie and Derby!

New York Daily News | John Healy: Todd Frazier has worn the #21 his entire career in honor of former Yankees outfielder, Paul O’Neill. Until Wednesday afternoon. When Frazier joined the team in Minnesota, he was given #29. After the game he said he would talk to O’Neill about wearing #21, but now says he won’t. I was hoping he’d actually wear it because it’s ridiculous that an unretired number is not in circulation.

FanRag Sports | Jon Heyman: Derek Jeter is still trying to buy the Marlins. Reportedly, if Jeter gets the team he’d be okay with keeping current Marlins president David Samson in his role and some are wondering if that may actually work in his favor. There are still three groups bidding and at different times all three have seemed like favorites, but Jeter possibly not shaking things up too much could work in his favor.

FiveThirtyEight | Harry Enten: It’s official: America hates the Yankees. Apparently this is a new fact and not something anyone who has any remote interest in baseball knows. But they also received the most votes as people’s favorite team. It makes sense that the Yankees are simultaneously the most popular and most hated team in the country. Though maybe one day players like Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Greg Bird can help increase the team’s likability.

Cut4 | Andrew MEARNS: Luis Severino was absolutely outstanding yesterday. He pitched seven shutout innings going up against Felix Hernandez. That wasn’t his only impressive stat of the day though. In the bottom of the fourth, Severino was facing Jean Segura with the bases loaded and two outs. On a 1-2 count, Severino went with a 101.2 mph fastball. Segura managed to foul the pitch back, but that pitch was the fastest pitch thrown by a starter this year.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: David Robertson coming home and Todd Frazier coming over got the biggest news but Tommy Kahnle, the third piece in the White Sox trade, could end up being the best part. Other folks around the AL have expressed shock that the Yankees were able to get Kahnle included in that deal as he has exceptional stuff. Though this has been kind of a breakout year for Kahnle, so he could be a one-year wonder, but he’s also under control through 2020.

New York Daily News | Brett Bodner: Speaking of Kahnle, former Yankee LaTroy Hawkins was teammates with him in 2014 with the Rockies and Hawkins was not a fan. In May, Hawkins was in the booth for a Rockies-Twins game and called Kahnle “one of the worst teammates” he ever had. Seems the two got into fight back then. For what it’s worth, at the time his White Sox teammates got wind of what Hawkins said and all supported and defended him. So it may just be Hawkins holding a grudge.