Buyers Officially

It is not up for debate anymore; the Yankees are buyers and still have a few more holes to cover. David Robertson is back to a very similar role he once had behind Mariano Rivera, of course that is only true if the Yankees decide to make Dellin Betances the "fire extinguisher" bringing him in during crucial situations no matter what inning. Todd Frazier comes to the coast he knows the most and hopefully taps into the production he had in June when he posted a .932 OPS. Last but absolutely not least, the one player in this trade that many Yankee fans will come to notice is Tommy Kahnle, not only is he having an amazing year out of the bullpen striking out 60 in just 37 innings, but if he stays around he will be here until 2020. Just in time to be part of the youth revolution being rolled out in the Bronx, Kahnle should be more than excited to join a bullpen that can eventually line him up with Betances and Chapman if he continues to impress. Let’s face it, we got spoiled with bullpen help and let go of Tyler Clippard who had become very inconsistent of recent. But what about the other holes we need to cover to make a run for first place?


Gregorius and Castro have the middle of the infield locked, therefore I should have just called this part "corner-infield." With the trade for Todd Frazier this creates a situation where Chase Headley’s value on the team is slowly diminishing. Especially when looking at Headley’s splits this the year against southpaws, he owns a 28.3% strike out rate, .232 OBP%, and a .302 slugging%. Is that enough for Joe Girardi to bench Chase Headley for the rest of the season when facing lefty starters? Someone named Garrett Cooper who went 3-for-4 on Monday, in a game where a lefty started the game might have something to say about it. I’m aware it is a small sample size in the major leagues but with a possible Greg Bird appearance in September and Chase Headley struggling, Cooper has all the motivation he needs to make it a late season Bird versus Cooper battle, being optimistic that Greg Bird figures his injury out. As if ‘slowly diminishing" wasn’t an understatement all, if the Yankees do acquire someone like Yonder Alonso or Lucas Duda, I absolutely will no longer see why we would need him.

Starting Pitching

Severino is currently the leading man of the rotation and I couldn’t be happier for him coming off 2016 where he landed in the bullpen for the end of season. CC Sabathia and Tanaka round out the top three where if Tanaka figures it out for the second half we will have some momentum going once again. For the lower part of the rotation you have Jordan Montgomery who of late has not been the same pitcher, Luis Cessa owning the final spot in the rotation for now while there might soon be a battle between him and Bryan Mitchell. As a contending team trying to once again capture first place, having the 5th rotation spot currently up for grabs isn’t the most ideal situation and plenty of Yankee fans are waiting to see if something will happen.


What do we need to complete this buying process? How about we begin with a starting pitcher who will in result end the search of an in-house solution for the 5th rotation spot, as well as hopefully fill out the playoff rotation with Severino, Sabathia, and Tanaka. Secondly if we really are going to make Chase Headley basically a bench player, a lefty power-hitting first-base man in New York would be perfect. I chose not to mention the outfield and bullpen because those roster positions are currently the strongest, especially when the bullpen for the remainder of the year might just put up some of the best numbers a bullpen has ever see. Just like Headley, it’ll be interesting to see what is done with Jacoby Ellsbury if Clint Frazier keeps hitting and advancing on the bases like he currently is. Aaron Hicks will be returning soon and we don’t have space for 5 outfielders unless one wants to take a chance at first-base. I mean why not? It seems everyone is getting a crack at first-base this year.

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