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Aaron Judge receives highest AL vote total for the All-Star Game

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Our big baseball boy is going to his first All-Star Game.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at New York Yankees Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In what comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has watched baseball this year, Yankees’ outfielder Aaron Judge is headed to his first All-Star Game. Judge received the highest vote total of any American League player with over four million votes and will be one of the three starting outfielders for the American League with Mike Trout and George Springer. He is the first Yankees’ position player elected a starter in the All-Star Game by the fans as a rookie since Hideki Matsui in 2003.

Judge has unleashed an assault on baseball in the first half of his true rookie season. He leads everyone (literally everyone) in fWAR with his closest competition more than one win behind him. He also leads all of baseball in home runs with 27, leads all of baseball in slugging percentage at .687 and on-base percentage at .448, leads the American League in batting average at .327, and has the most RBI in the American League.

As of right now, Judge is the clear favorite for both American League Rookie of the Year and AL MVP. If the season ended today, he’d likely win both awards and the Triple Crown. It’s been an absolutely huge first half of the season for Judge, and he is extremely deserving of starting the All-Star Game.

Now all that is left is to figure out whether or not Judge will be taking his talents to the Home Run Derby down in Miami.