Why I am not a fan of the White Sox trade

  1. The bat. I dont know how good Frazier is gonna be with the yanks, but I would rather have called up Andujar and seen what we could get from him. He crushed Trenton, hes crushing in AAA, i'd rather give him a shot in the majors than trade for a bat like Frazier's. If we had to trade for a 1st basemen, I was hoping it would at least be a lefty. We did upgrade at 1st even if Frazier is exactly what he has been this season. But how much did we upgrade over other solutions in the system?
  2. The bullpen. Getting Warren back helped the pen. That alone lets us demote Clippard. What we needed from the pen was Betances and Chapman pitcher better than they have. With these two bullpen arms that we got, the success of the pen now depends on... Betances and Chapman pitching better. If they are willing to demote one or both of Betances/Chapman, I may revise my opinion.
  3. What we gave up. I really liked Rutherford as a prospect. I though he had developing power and was only going to get better as a prospect. Now I understand he had no real place in the bigs since the yanks already have a crowded outfield. I am not heart broken we traded him. I am dissatisfied with the return. I though that he could turn into the sort of player forms the keystone for a move for a middle of the rotation starter or a bigger, better bat than a few months of Todd Frazier. There is an opportunity cost to this move that I feel is too high. I honestly dont mind the return, and we prepared for life without Betances. But I think we sold too early on Rutherford and over paid as a result.

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