Poll: Rate the White Sox Trade

At face value, how do you rate this trade?

I for one like it a lot. Getting two quality relievers to help shore up the bull-pen is great, along with a stop-gap at first base that is better than everyone else we've had there this year.

I think some people here over-value Rutherford. He is at best, 2 1/2 years away from the major league team. He's also trending in the wrong direction, and is seen as corner outfielder, not a center fielder by the organization. We've got two guys in Judge and (hopefully) Frazier, who are pretty good. We also have Aaron Hicks and Dustin Fowler. O yea, and we might sign that guy Bryce Harper. For Rutherford to even have a shot at making this team (if he actually lived up to his former hype) our other players would have to fail. He also plays corner outfield, the most easily replaceable position in baseball.

Lastly, we are the New York Yankees. Everyone screaming "Sell! Sell!" fails to realize we don't have many assets that are worth selling. We are currently a play-off team that isn't fully healthy yet. This team showed it's potential in the first half, there's no reason to think we can't find that mojo again with more than a third of the season left. We make a move for a starter that helps us this year and beyond and our line-up stops slumping and all of a sudden we look dangerous again.

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