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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/19/17

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Takeaways from the D-Rob trade; Bird vows to be back this year; Team may refrain from trading for big name starters; Yanks engaged both A’s & Mets before yesterday’s trade

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees

New York Post | Joel Sherman: The Yankees and the White Sox got together and made a trade yesterday. David Robertson came back home and brought Tommy Kahnle and Todd Frazier with him. Blake Rutherford, Tito Polo, Ian Clarkin and Tyler Clippard went to the South Side of Chicago. Some takeaways from this trade include that Cashman didn’t sacrifice the near future and the Yankees bullpen could rival what they had last year.

New York Daily News | Peter Botte: Greg Bird is still the word, everyone. Except this time, Bird is saying the word. Multiple words, that is. Bird released a statement following his surgery yesterday, in which he vowed to do everything power to get back to the field this season. Hopefully this will keep those that like to make stuff up and speculate wildly about his mental state and drive quite.

CBS | Sweeny Murti: It seems like a never-ending question for the Yankees. Do they have enough starting pitching? The answer is almost always no, which is probably why the question is constantly asked. There’s no doubt that the Yankees are in need of starting pitching, but they’ll likely refrain from making any big deals for star pitchers. Instead choosing to be patient and seeing what they have. | Jon Morosi: Look over Yonder, in Oakland! There’s a professional baseball team called the Athletics, and there’s a Gray cloud above them. Anyway, the Yankees and the A’s have reportedly had discussions regarding a possible trade. After the Robertson trade, the Yankees would likely only be interested in Sonny Gray, but they had also talked to the A’s about Yonder Alonso. It’ll be interesting to see if talks with the A’s continue to at least get Gray.

New York Daily News | Peter Botte: Not only have the Yankees engaged the A’s, but their crosstown rivals as well. The Yankees have reportedly reached out to the Mets about possibly acquiring Lucas Duda and Addison Reed. Both Duda and Reed are free agents at the end of the year, so the price should drop a bit, but the Mets will likely have a high price in order to help the Yankees. With the White Sox deal all but answering first base and the bullpen, a Subway Swap is probably unlikely now.

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