Let's talk about Aaron Hicks

I've seen far too many posts on here exclaiming "wait till hicks gets back then we can sit (insert garnder or ellsbury here depending on the conversation). Let's talk about Aaron Hicks for a second.

This is a guy who has never started more than 95 games in a year. I'm going to use a little creative argument here, and you'll understand my frustration with Hicks-a-mania. Let's use his SECOND BEST YEAR OF HIS CAREER as a benchmark comparison.

He started 95 of 97 games playing primarily in CF. He had an outstanding year in the field with a .996 fielding%. Just kidding he had a .3 dWar, and a -8 Rtot. Head to baseball-reference if you want the break down of these stats, but defensively he was .3 wins better than an average replacement, and gave up 8 more runs than the average player at his position. Offensively he had a .256/.323/.398 slash line, which screams mediocrity. he hit 11 HR with 33 RBI's again, all from baseball-reference you can check it out yourself.

Hicks was already starting to slump before the injury, so let's say he continues to regress to these numbers. Again the second best numbers of his career. Ellsbury is slashing .262/.333/.380 and is and has always been a great fielder, I'm not seeing an improvement playing Hicks over him. Gardner is slashing .252/.348/.442 and again a great fielder. So definitely not taking him out for Hicks. Even at the worst points in their careers, Gardner and Ells, are AS GOOD as Hicks second best year. And far above his career averages. Please slow down with Hicks as an every day player.

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