The next dynasty in 4 easy steps....

ok, so the reality of all this happening is pretty low, but fun to dream on this...

Just imagine if, over the next season+, the Yankees could pull off the following moves, they would have a dynasty in place and possibly the best offense ever. Yes, they are selling the farm here, but they would still have some minor league assets left and the farm would not be needed when you have, in their prime, all-stars at every position anyway.

Of course, some trade packages could be tweaked and a few spare parts could be added, but these are realistic trade scenarios, very ballsy, but realistic.

Mike Trout to Yankees for: Clint Frazier, Blake Rutherford, Jorge Mateo, Miguel Andujar, Albert Abreu, Domingo Acevado.

If you are the Angles you would have to seriously consider this package. There are several foundation pieces here. Are they a better team with Trout or with these 6 players?

Giancarlo Stanton to Yankees for: Dustin Fowler, Nick Solak, Tyler Austin, Tyler Wade, Thairo Estrada, Jorge Guzman

This is a salary dump for Marlins, BUT they are they are getting 5 potential legitimate starters.

Paul Goldschmidt to Yankees for: Greg Bird, Nick Solak, Dillon Tate, Domingo German.

Potential 1B replacement for D-Backs, plus a solid 2B and 2 potential MLB starters.

Jeff Samardzija to Yankees for: Ellsbury and 2 minor leaguers and $ if needed.

Bad contract for bad contract. SF is in dire need of outfielders, we get a 5th starter and Jake off the roster.

Your 2019 Yankee Roster:

1B: Goldschmidt

2B: Castro / Gleyber Torres

SS: Didi

3B: Manny Machado (Signed as Free Agent)

C: Sanchez

LF: Hicks

CF: Trout

RF: Judge

DH: Stanton

SP: Tanaka (if opt-out, another FA)

SP: Sevy

SP: Montgomery

SP: Adams

SP: Samardzija

Waiting in the Minors: Kaprielian, Sheffield, Zach Littel, Nolan Martinez

The Lineup: (8+ runs per game is possible)

Mike Trout

Manny Machado

Aaron Judge

Gio Stanton

Paul Goldschmidt

Gary Sanchez

Sir Didi

Castro / Torres



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